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Exploited College Girls - Katie Torrent.

Exploited College Girls - Katie

Added: September 09, 2010

21 year old Katie is going to be 'Nurse Katie' very soon. That is, if she can stop banging her class mates for a minute and focus on school work. Yes, you read that right - Katie fucks her class mates. She is that girl in class you jerked off to while imagining she's getting nailed by you and your buddies every afternoon. Except this one's real. In fact, if what she says is true, Katie has more sex than I do. She tells us about her sexual exploits (most recent one: this fucking morning!!), about her preferences, her tastes in men (not boys - men), random crazy shit in her life, and her hippie mom. Now, you're reading this and are probably like 'c'mon, Steve, you're just saying that, she's not really a nympho!'. Well, she certainly is. She just also happens to be very bright and you and me aren't used to that sort of thing. Whore or smarts, right? You'll quickly learn that with Katie we get both. She tells us all about herself while she packs her face up with makeup, goes through her mountain of clothes, and fills out the form that will probably end her nursing career with one pen stroke (aka my model release form). You already know that none of my shit is ever scripted (like these girls could remember lines! LOL!) so be prepared for some wild revelations coming out of this seemingly wholesome girl. Personally, I was shocked at some of the naughty things coming out of her mouth. I look at her while she's saying these things and in my head I go "really...? You do *that*?"


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