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BitMart Restorer2000 Professional 3.3 Torrent.

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Restorer2000 PRO 3.3 is the complete professional solution for your data recovery needs and has all the features and benefits of Restorer2000 3.3 plus adds some advanced data recovery capabilities such as recovery from hardware and software RAID, basic and dynamic disks. The PRO version also has additional file recovery algorithm that searches for files of known types using typical features of their structures and allows: to increase the file recovery quality when the file system is not damaged; to restore files that are not recognized in file system metadata and not found during disk scanning; to recover files from devices with unknown file systems including HD, CD, DVD, external ZIP/USB, removable SmartMedia, MemoryStick, SD cards, etc..

Restorer2000 benefits:
  • Restorer2000 is easy-to-use but professional data recovery software;
  • User-friendly Windows XP style interface is intuitive to use even for non-technical users;
  • Using the SmartScan data recovery technology combined with the flexibility of adjusting various parameters, Restorer2000 gives you absolute control over the data recovery procedure even on corrupted or formatted hard drives;
  • Detailed Help and Manual provide the software users with step by step instructions how to use the product correctly and recover lost data efficiently;
  • The product offers two options. Quick undelete for recently deleted files and deep disk scan for files and partitions that have ever existed on the disk;
  • Graphic, video and audio files can be previewed in the DEMO mode even if their native applications are not installed;
  • All found files can be recovered in DEMO mode and registration is not required if file size is smaller than 128kB;
  • The software working in the DEMO mode can be licensed and activated on-the-fly and user doesn't need to reinstall the software. It's not required to have an additional hard drive or partition to create an image of the entire hard drive and save the scan result. * When the software is activated, the found files can be recovered without any limitations;
  • Recovered files can be saved to any media hard drive accessible by operating system, including local and network hard drives.
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