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Fallout 2, like the original game, combines real-time movement with tactical, turn-based combat. The isometric perspective graphics engine is now capable of a couple of new tricks, such as depicting "glowing" torches and similar items, but is otherwise almost identical to the one used by its predecessor. While there are a couple of new tunes, the haunting and apt music is largely recycled from the original game. Fallout 2 is essentially a "more of the same" sequel that adopts many aspects of the original game with only minor tweaking, but the development team did make a number of notable improvements to certain elements of the game's design. Many gamers thought that Fallout's gaming world was too small, which allowed players to speed to the game's conclusion relatively quickly, at least in role-playing game terms. In fact, you were somewhat forced to zip through Fallout's world because the game's main objective had to be completed within a relatively restrictive time period. Fallout 2 more than adequately addresses such concerns, as it features a significantly larger gaming world that you are free to explore at your leisure, no longer encumbered by the requirement to complete the game within a specified amount of playing time.

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