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GTA: Vice City Stories [Psp][Cso][370Mb] Torrent.

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The game takes place in Vice City, the same place where he developed Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, but two years earlier, in 1984. The city of Miami parody of the 80s, a haven of corruption and the best place for drug dealers and mobsters. The protagonist is Victor Vance, brother of Lance Vance (who will appear in the game, but you can not control), a colleague of Tommy Vercetti, the protagonist of GTA: Vice City.
We also know that in a moment of his life has been a member of the military and that his former sergeant also lives in Vice City and you will certainly commissioning tasks have nothing to do with the army as they are happening. Other characters will also seen in previous GTA franchises and you have to help them. These include Umberto Robina, Phil Cassidy, Ricardo Diaz, and of course, Lance Vance. It also appears the English singer Phil Collins. In the city you can go to their concert "In the air tonight"
The story begins when Vic comes to Fort Baxter, the army barracks. There he receives Sergeant Jerry Martinez, one of the funniest characters in the game. Jerry made different missions, until you are prompted to save the "Mary" in the barracks and the army kick you out because of it. From now on, Vic will make money negotiating with Phil Cassidy, a former soldier who is always drunk, and Marty J. Williams, the brother of Phil. Marty lives in a caravan with his wife and sister of Phil, Louise Cassidy-Williams. Marty beats his wife and also threatened to hit the baby, so Loiuse goes to live with his sister, Mary Jo Cassidy. Begin a relationship between Vic and Louise. In addition, Phil has a problem with Jerry Martinez, and he will try to kill Vic and Phil, but without success. Phil is leaving the city. Marty tries to get Louise to prostitute, because Marty is the head of a gang of petty gangsters, so Vic will end the life of Marty and stay with your business and will be the new leader of the gang. So will the brother of Vic, Lance Vance, and start getting into trouble with drug dealers and mobsters.
From that, Vic begins to earn the respect and hatred of some of the city, beginning to take business into other bands like the "Biker" or "cholos" that at any moment to attack your business advantage


Title GTA Vice City Stories
Format .Cso
Console Psp
Size 365Mb
Host Multi
Tested On 5.0 M33


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